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The Healthiest Solution For Replacing Teeth – Dental Implants

When a dentist embeds an artificial tooth root into your jaw bone, at the exact spot where you have lost an original, natural tooth, this process is known as inserting a dental implant. Then a cap or crown will be placed on top of this base.

If you have teeth that are damaged in any way, it will probably cause you some embarrassment when you are in public. This situation can be even worse if it involves missing teeth, especially when you try to smile. In fact, many dental patients also feel that missing teeth alters the shape of their face and makes them look older, creating a problem of low self-esteem.

Cosmetic issues, however, aren’t the only reasons why dental implants are a good idea. Checkout some of the reasons listed below:

  • Gum tissue is lost
  • Facial bones and teeth are misaligned because of missing teeth
  • The ability to correctly pronounce words is impaired
  • Tooth loss makes it difficult to chew and digest food properly
  • Since the bones in your jaw are constantly reproducing and growing, this leads to loss of bone mass, so they need the stimulation of your teeth biting and chewing. When teeth are lost or removed this stimulation is lost and the bone begins to erode and degenerate. The first several months to a year after the removal of a tooth is when the loss of bone width is at its maximum.

Dental implants are therefore, perhaps the very best solution to a tooth loss problem, and it has the feel and looks of a healthy, natural tooth. These implants can absolutely function just like a natural tooth to prevent gum tissue and bone loss, and they can last for a very long time.

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