Oral Cancer Screening

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More Than 7,500 People Die From Oral Cancer Every Year, and Another 30,000 Become Infected!

Oral cancer screenings are offered more and more every year by dental offices around the country because of the figures above and the two facts listed below:

  • Since one person has died every hour or so from the effects of oral cancer over the last forty years, it is definitely considered a serious dental problem.
  • Oral cancer has become the sixth leading cause of cancer deaths in the world during this time period.

Since most dentists don’t want their patients to become one of these unfortunate statistics, they have begun offering oral cancer screenings in their offices. As a matter of fact, many dental practitioners and their hygienists have become very adept at spotting the tell-tale signs of oral cancer, and taking the precautions that are necessary to ensure their patients aren’t one of the victims.

Accurate Oral Cancer Screening That Uses ViziLite Plus, With TBlue 630

Your dentist and hygienist will use a product known as VisiLite Plus, in conjunction with TBlue 630, as well as a visual exam, in order to more accurately screen their patients for oral cancer. The ViziLite Plus is a chemiluminescent light source, and it is used along with a blue stain to aid dental professionals in more accurately identifying this serious dental problem.

Oral Cancer Screening – What is The Whole Process?
  • The dental patient will be required to rinse their mouth with a ViziLite Plus pre-rinse solution for sixty seconds, followed by the dentists or their hygienists shining the special light into their mouth to identify any suspicious areas.
  • Any potential lesions or hot spots will then be highlighted by painting them with the TBlue 630, which will stain any potential cancer spots blue.
  • If any potential cancerous lesions show up in this thorough exam, they will be referred to a cancer specialist for a definite diagnosis and possible follow up treatment.

Any abnormalities that are spotted in your mouth by the elements of ViziLite and blue dye in your dental exam will prompt the dentist to determine the next step and best treatment path.

In Order to Ensure That You Don’t Have Any Cancerous or Even Precancerous Lesions, Getting Properly Screened, And Employing The ViziLite System is a Remarkable Opportunity!

It is absolutely essential in today’s dental environment, that you and all your family receive a complete examination (screening) for oral cancer, while using the VisiLite Plus with TBlue 630 elements.

This inclusive exam is non-invasive and simple to perform, and can provide you and your family the peace of mind that comes from knowing the state of your oral health. Since early detection is the very best method of achieving this worthwhile objective, make sure to call your dentist for an appointment soon, and ask about the VisiLite Plus with TBlue 630 oral cancer screening.

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