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Root Canal Procedures – Permanent Route to Ending Tooth Pain

“Root Canal”…why do many dental patients seem to go to all kinds of extremes in avoiding this helpful and proven method of dentistry? It is most likely due to a dreadful dental office experience that a family member or friend has related to them or a painful experience in their own past.

Saving or repairing a tooth that has been damaged due to forceful trauma, tooth cracks, faulty fillings or deeply recessed decay is the usual purpose of performing a root canal procedure. These dental problems can often lead to some serious infections, which is the primary reason most dentists recommend treating them as early as possible.

So, if you would like to better understand this “dreaded dental procedure”, it will be helpful to understand the dental definitions listed below:

  • The root canal is the passage way that is home to the tooth nerve, and it is located in the center of the tooth.
  • The pulp is the softer inner core of this canal in a person’s teeth, and is the vessel by which the nutrients and oxygen are transported throughout the tooth, especially to the root.

When a tooth receives a trauma of some kind, a deep cavity or a fracture, further dental problems usually occur, which allows harmful mouth bacteria to infect the tooth as it seeps into the canals.

If this condition is not treated promptly, the infection will worsen, causing the pulp to die. It could also cause an infection at the root’s end, known as an abscess.

When dealing with this particular situation, the dentist will numb the tooth and gums completely with anesthesia and then remove the tooth nerve and pulp. He or she will then re-seal the inside of the tooth after cleaning it, and complete the root canal procedure by placing a temporary crown over the top of the tooth.

Sedation therapy is often offered by dentists in an effort to make their patients feel more comfortable and less anxious and fearful. This service often leaves these patients amazed at the ease and speed of the procedure they are undergoing.

Three things to think about when dental pain is causing you real problems:

  • Most dentists will highly recommend swift action when you are experiencing bad pain from tooth decay.
  • They will tell their patients if a root canal procedure is indicated, that they should overcome their flight temptations, and have it as soon as possible.
  • If your inaction allows the infection to worsen, it could cause quite a bit of damage to your tooth, and much more severe pain.

Simply put, modern sedation therapy, and the experience and increased skills of most of the professionals in today’s world of dentistry will render any root canal anxieties a patient might have, an emotion of the past.
You should schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible, and talk to him about the many benefits of this procedure if you are suffering with dental pain that is caused by decay and cavities.

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